23 november - 4 december 2020

The objective of the workshop is for you as a participant to gain greater trust in your intuition, imagination, creative impulses and to expand on your expressive range.

The need to be good or impress is diminished as much as possible and therefore nothing has to be "good." The thought being, that the need to be good prevents creativity. We will create and delve deeply into character and story. The process includes character and story development, acting, and writing.  You should work in a room where you are alone and undisturbed and in a place where you will not disturb others. You will be on your feet at times, moving so you need some space to do that, but not much. 

You should be somewhat familiar with Zoom.  If not Stephen will instruct basics before the first class. But you should test it out and take a free youtube tutorial before the workshop. You should have the latest Zoom app downloaded and I highly recommend working from a computer or tablet (ipad etc) rather than a phone.  

There is homework given.The homework does not need take very long. Between 20 minutes and hour. You decide how much time you put into it your work.  

You must plan to attend every session. Of course, things can happen to prevent this but the intention should be there, to attend and do the homework. 


Stephen Rappaport är skådespelare, författare, regissör och musiker. Han har skrivit, framfört och turnerat med fem enmansföreställningar i Sverige och internationellt. Han har samarbetat i skapandet av många nya verk tillsammans med artister som Susanne Osten, Johannes Anyuru, Shima Niavarani, Philippe Blanchard, Gemma Higgenbotham, Frans Wiklund, Sandra Medina och Charlotta Overholm.Stephen håller ofta workshops på StDH, Teaterhögskolan, Unga Klara och Dansalliansen. 



Ledare Stephen Rappaport
Startdatum 2020-11-23
Slutdatum 2020-12-04
Tider Tid: 14.30-16.00
Antal dagar 6 dagar
Sista ansökningsdag 2020-11-08
Plats Webbkurs
Adress Online via Zoom