13 - 16 maj 2024

We will explore the moving body through dance and Shiatsu (Japanese pressure-point bodywork) to promote the natural flow of energy and improvisations inspired by the five elements theory (Earth, Water, Wood, Metal and Fire).

Our dancing body is charged with energy and its continuous flow is essential to maintain a balanced and a healthy state of being. In Eastern Philosophy this energy is expressed through pathways known as Meridians, which are divided into five elements – Earth, Water, Wood, Metal and Fire. Each element relates to different qualities, which we experience throughout our daily life. the way we need the sun to survive relates to our need for warmth and compassion for example which connects to the fire element. 

We will learn about, explore and follow the physical location of the meridians on the body and practice how to balance the energy through self-bodywork technique (Shiatsu). We will continue to affect the energy through the moving body using imagery and improvisation tasks to embody the different qualities of the meridians such as – fluidity, grounding, compassion, and adaptability to name a few. Using this gained information and experimentations with energy, balance, and the elements we will find creative pathways which will lead us to choreographic discoveries with ourselves and the group. 
As our bodies and mind crave to find balance and harmony both physically and emotionally, this exploration will encourage dancers to discover the five elements within them and how to take advantage of those characteristics through the awareness of the meridians to feel free and balanced in our bodies and inspired in our creative spirit. 

Ori is known to approach his teaching as a dialogue with the dancers and include the use of imagery and humor to allow the dancers to relate personally to the given information and find their own voice through the experience in the workshop.  
“Ori offered the well prepared and rich material with generosity and humility, creating a safe communal space that allowed for sensitive interaction and shared insights. His warm teaching style and subtle humor elevated each class. I felt more in touch with my body than I had in a long time and I am grateful to have wonderful new tools.”
~Megan Williams, Choreographer (New York City)

Yasmeen Enahora 
Ori Flomin is a NYC based Dance artist. He holds an MFA in Dance from Tisch School of the Arts, NYU. His choreography has been presented at NYC venues such as: Gibney, Dance Theater Workshop, LaMama Experimental Theater, Arts on Site, Movement Research at Judson Church, and internationally in Europe, Israel, Japan, and Australia as well as commissioned work for dance companies and universities across the US (Zenon Dance, LINK dance, Purchase University). His teachings of dance, Yoga and Shiatsu massage have taken him around the globe to prestigious international festivals, schools, and colleges around NYC: PARTS, Impulstanz, London Contemporary School, Sasha Waltz, Circuit Est, SUNY Purchase, NYU, Movement Research and Gibney to name a few. He’s performed in the works of acclaimed choreographers Stephen Petronio, Maria Hassabi, Neil Greenberg, Molissa Fenley and Kevin Wynn among others. 
He is a 2022-23 recipient of the Gibney Dance in Process (DIP) Residency. 
Most recently he performed the solo Urban crawler2.0 in NYC, Tel Aviv, Berlin and Stockholm.  www.Oriflomin.com


Ledare Ori Flomin
Startdatum 2024-05-13
Slutdatum 2024-05-16
Tider 13.00-17.00 (måndag-torsdag)
Antal dagar 4 dagar
Sista ansökningsdag 2024-05-09
Plats Dansalliansen Studio
Adress Ryssviksvägen 2, 5 tr