BOP Jazz

29 augusti - 1 september 2022

Every day is a full day of Jazz learning, sharing and being part of a community

The BOP Jazz Mission is to share and pass on the artistic and creative aesthetic of the jazz dance art form, bringing a realistic and relevant appreciation and exploration of creative Jazz dance theatre, techniques, skills and individual expression that are at the heart of the Jazz dance genre. All this and more within the highly energised and nurturing environment, that is BOP Jazz Theatre Company.    

The BOP Jazz  is aimed to inspire, yet challenge. “Come As You Are” is the mantra, allowing everyone to develop and achieve their own potential as jazz dance performers.  

The Daily Schedule includes​ - Full Jazz technical warm-up and floor exercises. The learning of selected repertoire and creating of jazz dance narratives. Educational Jazz talks & video presentations. 

The workshop has been made possible through collaboration between Dansalliansen and Danscentrum Syd.
Body of People Jazz Theatre Company aka BOP is a truly unique UK based Jazz Dance, Music and Theatre Company. Founded in 1996 by Jazz Artist and Choreographer - Dollie Henry and Jazz Trumpeter, Composer, Music Producer - Paul Jenkins.

BOP Company through the guidance of Dollie and Paul, continue to develop and produce works in collaboration with other established artistic and commercial organisations both here in the UK and internationally. Through the many strands of BOP, the company bring their feisty energy, creative flair and business sensibility to lead a diverse company that encompasses all aspects of dance, music and theatre making and media presentations.


Ledare Dollie Henry and Paul Jenkins.
Startdatum 2022-08-29
Slutdatum 2022-09-01
Tider 10.00-11.30 dagligträning
12.00-16.00 workshop
Antal dagar 4 dagar
Sista ansökningsdag 2022-08-28
Plats Danscentrum Syd
Adress Bergsgatan 29