26 - 30 augusti 2019

We work with three constructed lines in the body, which has six extremities and fifteen larger folding points. Three Foldable Curved Lines – Shifting Alinement

This training is directed to professional’s dancers in cooperation with Dansinitiativet and Danscentrum Norr.

One of the lines starts from the left foot and ends at the right hand and the same from right to left which makes each line exist on both side of the spine. The third line goes from head to tail, allowing the tail to be free and an possible initiator and coworker. 

We work with movement as something that passes through or stays in the body. The movement is inside and outside of the body, and can have both the same and different directions which alters the perception of our movement shape. In thought we move through, in, and outside the limited physical space. 

We work standing, on the floor and in the landscape in-between. We investigate the falling inside, under and around the own body and put it into larger spacial movement. 

The class starts simple to gradually become more complex, we end with a set movement material constructed around the thoughts we’ve worked and investigated during the class. If there is time I add a composition structure where you make active choices in collaboration with the other participants. Attentiveness, co-existing and personal active choices inside the movement-material and in the composition-structure makes a score unfold where you become a performer and co-creator at the same time.

Dan Johansson är utbildad vid Kungliga Svenska Balettskolan samt Dansarutbildningen på Danshögskolan. Han började arbeta 1998 och har framförallt fokuserat på arbete med koreografer inom den nutida dansen med Stockholm som bas.

Bland de koreografer Dan har arbetat med kan nämnas Per Jonsson, Eva Lundqvist, Irene Hultman, Philippe Blanchard, Örjan Andersson, Helena Franzen, Carl Olof Berg, Rasmus Ölme, Åsa Unander Scarin, Charlotta Öfverholm och Christina Caprioli.



Ledare Dan Johansson
Startdatum 2019-08-26
Slutdatum 2019-08-30
Tider Träning 09.00-11.00
Antal dagar 5 dagar
Sista ansökningsdag 2019-08-30
Plats Dansinitiativet Luleå
Adress Ålgatan 11