SELF-WITH-OTHERS - Physical theater

11 - 12 januari 2020

The workshop will introduce the core principles and structures that underpin ‘Self-With-Others’ and will include work on the integration of voice - text and non-text - with physicality.

Self-With-Others is an approach that is increasingly being adopted internationally across dance, circus, theatre, live art, site-specific performance and other forms. It is also used as a tool in health, therapeutic and community development contexts, though the main focus of the work remains firmly on enhancing the work of the performer.

Combining fixed and improvised training structures, the work offers performers profound encounters with their own passions and blockages, encouraging fearlessness, openness, presence, spontaneity and connection. It emphasises the centrality of joy to the creative process and offers radical enhancement to existing techniques and skills of performance. 


John Britton is a director, writer, performer and teacher who works across the world to create original, interdisciplinary, live performance. Across Europe, North and South America, Asia and Australia he has written, directed and performed works in dance, theatre, circus, improvisation and which defy all categorisation 

Since graduating from a Masters degree in the UK in 1988 he has specialised in physically-based work which emphasises presence, liveness, reactivity and connection. He is the Artistic Director of DUENDE - an international collaboration of performers dedicated to ensemble practices, and is the founder of The DUENDE School of Ensemble Physical Theatre - a professional training organisation that brings his unique approach to performance training to small groups of performers internationally.

He is the author of two books: Encountering Ensemble (Methuen; 2013) and 'Climbing The Mountain: The Performer’s Journey into Presence’ (Leonora Press and ebook 2017)



Ledare John Britton
Startdatum 2020-01-11
Slutdatum 2020-01-12
Tider 10.00-1600
Antal dagar 2 dagar
Sista ansökningsdag 2020-01-06
Plats Skeppsholmsstudion
Adress Slupskjulsvägen 34