Queer Movements and Ephemeral Memorials

17 maj 2024

Guided by trans* dancer and choreographer Alex Blum, we invite you to join a workshop for the speculative exploration of queer movements and ephemeral memorials.

We will be working with the archives of Nordic queer liberation, for instance the history of the Danish Gay Liberation Front and their activism against the so-called ‘Dance Ban’, which for decades forbade same-sex couples from dancing together in the public sphere. 
Through touch-based body work, improvisation, collective mind-mapping and critical fabulation, we’ll embody a research of the queer potentials and politics of the dancing body. Everybody is welcome, but this is a space meant to celebrate lived experiences of queerness and transness, so show up with an intention to amplify queer joy. Spoken language will be in English.

Trans* choreographer Alex Blum (DK/NL) invites us into their research archive with small queer movements towards critical fabulation. In this work sharing, alex will share excerpts and reflect upon their artistic research series PÅ TRODS, which seeks performative methods to commemorate queer movements in both history and futures. 
As a series of ephemeral memorials to a past of forbidden caresses and a future of tender touches, PÅ TRODS is meant to commemorate the dance actions of the Danish Gay Liberation Front and other queer movements in spite of repression and queerphobia. The aim is to empower the dancing bodies and their political impact by asking: How do the dance actions of the 1970s live on in today's queer bodies, and what can the memory of the Dance Ban tell us about society's forbidden movements?

Du ansöker genom att skicka ditt CV samt en kort personlig motivering till varför just du vill vara med, till mejladressen nedan. Antingen med en text på 2 -3 meningar eller en videohälsning på max 30 sekunder. 
I mailet anger du om du är: 
- Anställd av Dansalliansen
- Medlem i Danscentrum 
- Frilansande danskonstnär (utan anställning i Dansalliansen eller medlemskap I Danscentrum) 

Sänd in din intresseanmälan senast 29 april till embassyofmovement@gmail.com 
Ämnesord / subject: LICA#4, Workshop 17 maj 
Frågor besvaras av;  embassyofmovement@gmail.com

På kvällen den 17e maj håller Alex Blum en öppen Performance lecture på Page 28,  19:30. Se hela LICA4-programmet: https://raninair.se/LICA
LICA#4, supported by: Statens kulturråd, Region Skåne, Konstnärsnämnden, Lunds kommun, Skissernas Museum, Page 28, Riksteatern Lund, Dansalliansen, Danscentrum Syd. 


Ledare Alex Blum
Startdatum 2024-05-17
Slutdatum 2024-05-17
Tider 09.00 – 10.00 träning Rani Nair
11:15 - 16:30 workshop
Antal dagar 1 dagar
Sista ansökningsdag -
Plats Danscentrum Syd
Adress Bergsgatan 29