1 - 2 oktober 2022

A game can be just a game… until we decide to turn it into a training tool, but we must always be able to return it back to just a game.

“Play is the highest form of research”
Albert Einstein

This will be a short series of workshops in strength work for dancers and choreographers that specifically looks at preventing common injuries in the body and creating a strong but versatile body. We will not only revisit but continue on from the short course I delivered last year, however this time it will be a more practical look into how we can train certain parts of the body to avoid injury and also help understand the body better by identifying, challenging and building patterns within movement, with the aim of enhancing performance. All done in a playful way to encourage us to enjoy the process of discovery within the body as well as focus on development.

We will look at ways to connect the body, build strength and also play with movement to keep us active and interested in our strength work. We will look into ways to open our training up to be done outdoors and learn how it doesn’t have to always exist in the gym with X amount of reps and X amount of sets and how this could actually be limiting progress.

With injury being such an individual thing, I hope to use these live sessions to help us all share experience and advice with each other to open up our communities. Also having the opportunity to look more at your particular needs and injury concerns and some of things you might need to think about when training and rehabbing the body as well as talking through some of the myths around strength training and programming.

The purpose with this course is to learn how to avoid injuries by working preventively. The aim is to get tools to keep a sustainable body and a sustainable mind.

During the workshop days:
- Preparing to prevent injury - planning and execution with a look at individual
- Taking your training outdoor (hopefully) - looking after the mind as well as the body
- Opening up discussions and debates

Before the workshop you will watch three short prerecorded films with Aaron including:
- How to improve common weakness in foot and ankle/shoulder, arm and wrist     strength
- Whole body connection, linking chains in the body
- Balance, proprioception
- Hand eye co-ordination and reactions

Aaron Vickers have had the joy of creating, working and touring all over the world with companies and choreographers including Jean Abreu Dance (as a dancer and rehearsal assistant), Marc Brew Company,  Alexander Whitley Dance Company, Phoenix Dance Theatre, Regionteater Väst, Cathy Marston and James Cousins Company. I have also enjoyed teaching in various institutions including London Contemporary Dance School, English National Ballet School, Baletakkademien (Sweden), London Studio Centre, Central School of Ballet and have taught both class and rep to companies including Scottish Ballet, New Adventures,  Dans Theatre Heidelberg, James Cousins Company along with regularly teaching workshops for a people with a verity of movement backgrounds around the world.

I have been teaching for over 10 years and work in a way that combines my research into movement with my qualifications as personal trainer, Weight lifting for Sport performance, Youth exercise specialist, with my growing knowledge from working with some of the UK’s top strength & conditioning and powerlifting coaches and working closely with top Physiotherapists  to help people become healthier, stronger and fitter moving bodies in all walks of life. You can find out more about me and my journey through my website: www.connectbuildplay.com."



Ledare Aaron Vickers
Startdatum 2022-10-01
Slutdatum 2022-10-02
Tider 12.30-17.30 (lör-sön)
Antal dagar 2 dagar
Sista ansökningsdag 2022-09-25
Plats Viktoriasalen, Viktoriahuset
Adress Linnégatan 21 (Hållplats: Prinsgatan)