Öppen sommarträning Stockholm

7 - 11 augusti 2023

För tionde året i rad presenterar Dansalliansen ÖPPEN SOMMARTRÄNING som är utan kostnad för professionella frilansdansare och ingen föranmälan krävs. Den öppna sommarträningen genomförs i samarbete med Danscentrum Stockholm.

Conditioning class for dancers incorporating Pilates, Giro and yoga, concluding in improvisation 
The aim of each class is to give dancers a full body training that will prepare them for getting back after the  summer break and for up comming rehearsals or performances. Classes begin focusing on opening and releasing of the body’s fascia and major muscle groups through movement and flow exercises, followed by key core and strengthening mat work exercises that will support injury prevention and aid technical development.

Each class will conclude with an improvisation that is an opportunity to explore and enhance our range of dancing skills. The focus for each day will be slightly different but equally familiar. 

OBS! Sommarträningen sker i Dansalliansens studio som ligger på Ryssviksvägen 2 i Finntorp i Nacka.
Buss 405, 409, 410, 411, 413, 414, 420, 422, 492 från Slussen. Avstigning station Finntorp med en 6 minuters promenad till DA Studio, Ryssviksvägen 2, 5 tr.

Gwyn Emberton, dance artist with many hats as a choreographer, producer, dramaturg, rehearsal director and teacher since 1999. Based in Malmö, Sweden and Wales, UK. Artistic Director of Jones the Dance and freelance maker and shaker.

After performing with several of the major choreographers and companies from the UK and Israel, including Akram Khan, Matthew Bourne, Jasmin Vardimon, Scottish Dance Theatre, and Inbal Pinto, Gwyn returned to Wales to form his own company, Gwyn Emberton Dance.

Since then, the company has fast become one of the leading contemporary dance theatre companies from Wales, with work being performed extensively across Wales, the rest of the UK, Europe and the Middle East.
Gwyn is one-third of Light, Ladd & Emberton, for which he co-directs and performs, alongside renowned Welsh performers Eddie Ladd and Deborah Light. Since 2014, Gwyn has been a part of international contemporary dance collective iCoDaCo, collaborating with many international choreographers and creatives in a biennial choreographic and performance project reaching across the globe.


Ledare Gwyn Emberton
Startdatum 2023-08-07
Slutdatum 2023-08-11
Tider 12.00-14.00 (måndag-fredag)
Antal dagar 5 dagar
Sista ansökningsdag -
Plats DA Studio
Adress Ryssviksvägen 2, 5tr