9 - 12 december 2024

The workshop will focus on musicality, dynamics and the relationship between movement and time.

By using different dynamic qualities, engaging different ways of listening to our own movement and to the movement around us, and by playing with the perception of time, we will aim to open a space where the connection between movement and time is at the foreground. 
Within a frame of specific and precise physical scores the participants will have the freedom to find their own interpretation and playfulness and to use the proposition in order to enrich their own dancing. 

Shai Faran is an Israeli dancer, teacher and choreographer, based in Europe.
In Israel, she danced for the Kibbutz Contemporary Dance Company II, the Sigma Ensemble and the Dafi Altabab Dance Group. After studying and working in Israel, she moved to Europe to participate in the post graduate program at SEAD, where she expanded her knowledge and from there started to develop her research, practice and methods of teaching and creating. Shai joined Cullberg in 2024.


Ledare Shai Faran
Startdatum 2024-12-09
Slutdatum 2024-12-12
Tider 13,00-16,00 (måndag-torsdag)
Antal dagar 4 dagar
Sista ansökningsdag 2024-11-27
Plats Dansalliansen Studio
Adress Ryssviksvägen 2, 5tr