6 - 9 februari 2023

Dance/movement embodiment practice. This practice offers many possible applications to one’s personal artistic/creative work or practice

Moveable Cinema is a movement practice created to expand the felt-sense and consciousness of vision while in movement. Shared though a series of mandalas (or practices) it enables one to find a unique path to research consciously how the expanded sense of vision can be an available process; to tune into one’s body acutely to the present. Beyond self-oriented practice, practices with others challenges and enriches subtle and powerful forms of witnessing. This becomes a vital and reliable tool for performance. 
Moveable Cinema exists within the frame of Dynamic Expansion.

Dynamic Expansion is an integrated and somatic approach to orient to the Craniosacral System; tuning into its waves and stillness phenomena grounds the practice. We work with the key element of the system, the Fluid Body. We explore sates of fluid dynamics and how they move the body, and states of stillness, or stillpoints; where fluid rests and at the same time gains potential for movement.

This practice offers many possible applications to one’s personal artistic/creative work or practice including: a vibrant palette/range of movement qualities, joy in movement, fine-tuned visual field perception, enhanced depth of focus, heightened and subtle states of presence, refined self-perception skills, new systems of connecting with self others and, profound and grounded experiences in the sensorial field

Photo credits: Alexa Vachon /Portrait

Shannon Cooney, Canadian dance artist: choreographer, performer, facilitator and dance educator. She has been presenting her choreography since 1993 in Canada, Europe and the UK, She’s performed in many choreographers’ works, improvisations, and installations and she danced from 1994-2006 with Toronto-based Dancemakers.

She has lived in Berlin since 2006 and since then her focus has been in the research and development of her teaching practice; melding dance with Craniosacral principals called Dynamic Expansion, Moveable Cinema. This teaching practice is the “garden” for her choreographic projects, recent works include: Fluid Resilience (2020) Fielding: solo with Cases (2018), Fielding (2017), every one everyone (2013), acoustic sightlines (2012), Assemblages (2011) and dance-video installation, Spiral Pendulum: dance (2009).

She teaches locally and internationally for dance centres, companies and universities including: Cullberg and Weld Company, SKH University of the Arts, Royal Swedish Ballet, Stockholm, Meg Stuart/Damaged Goods, Universtiy of Art in Berlin, HZT- BA dance program, P.A.R.T.S. (BE) fabrik Potsdam, ImPulsTanz, Tanzquartier Wien, Circuit-Est, Montreal, Dancemakers, Ottawa Dance Directive (ODD), Toronto's Love-In Toronto, Dance House, Dublin (IR), for the independent dance scene in Istanbul, Turkey, and ongoing at Tanzfabrik-Berlin. As a creative facilitator she mentors students at all levels; BA, Masters and PhD candidates as well as artists and collectives some include, Kondition Pluriel-Marie-Claude Poulin, Alison Denham, with Jared Gradiger and Angela Schubot, Francesca Pedulla and Lesandra Dodson.
She has a private practice where she facilitates personal and professional development through expanded consciousness, co-creatively with Nature, craniosacral and movement awareness. 
In Berlin, she and her partner are stewards of an organic a permaculture garden.  


Ledare Shannon Cooney
Startdatum 2023-02-06
Slutdatum 2023-02-09
Tider 13.00-17.00 (mån-torsdag)
Antal dagar 4 dagar
Sista ansökningsdag 2023-01-15
Plats ccap studio
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