19 oktober 2021

Ett möte arrangerat i samarbete mellan Dansalliansen, Dansenshus och Danscentrum Stockholm

An oppertunity to meet visiting internationell artist Tara Jade Samaya who are in Stockholm giving performances at Elverket, 21-22 October.

Tara´s workshop will be focused on the play between gravity and flow. Through the ideas and concepts researched in Anouk Van-Dijks’ Common Ground, this experience will encompass practises such as improvisation, counter technique, Classical Ballet, Yoga, Energy medicine and Martial Arts. We will use the backdrop of the real world to harness and finely tune our powers to observe the impermanent nature of all things. The body, a rhythmical expressive vessel, utilised to convey the laws of nature, weather dynamics, animal instincts, human conditions and limitless space. 

Photo credit - Pippa Samaya

In 2019, Tara Jade Samaya won Helpmann and Greenroom Award for Best Female Dancer in Australia for her work in Chunkymove's Common Ground. Previously nominated for Greenroom/Helpmann Awards in 2010, 2012 & 2017. Over the last 15years Tara has worked with Australian Dance Theatre (Garry Stewart), ‘Chunkymove’ (Anouk Van-Dijk) and ‘Staatsballett Berlin’ (Sasha Waltz/Johannes Ohman), she was appointed Chunky Move’s Artistic Associate 2016. 

Tara’s film collective with Pippa Samaya for ‘The Samaya Wives’ are two time winners of the international 60 second dance film competition (Finland/Denmark), Best film in FAD film festival USA, Best dance on Film at Australian Dance Awards 2017 and ‘Best Experimental Short’ at the Berlin Film Festival 2019.



Ledare Tara Jade Samaya
Startdatum 2021-10-19
Slutdatum 2021-10-19
Tider Workshop 14.30-17.30
Antal dagar 1 dagar
Sista ansökningsdag 2021-10-17
Plats Danscentrum Stockholm
Adress Jungfrugatan 7b