17 - 21 maj 2021

This research, in the form of a choreographic workshop, asserts itself as a questioning of man and its relationship with materialism.

The theoretical origins of this research and the reflections that flow from it, are based on questions about the relationship between object and content, the sensory and the visible, aesthetics and emotion, temporality and permanence and presence and absence.

In the current social and relational disorder that we are going through following climate change, the subject of health, separatism or extremism, it seemed important to me to bring questions together around the body in the singular or/and plural, in the environmental context in which it is found today. This research, in the form of a choreographic workshop, asserts itself as a questioning of man and its relationship with materialism. The word "materialism" mentioned above is used under the idea of "materialism of the meeting" defined by Louis Althusser and not under narrow-mindedness and in terms purely of economic values.

Through this meeting, the methodology and the various practices (somatic, sensory ethnography), should lead us to work with materials, various objects which will be treated beforehand with the aim of preserving hygiene and the general interest.

This workshop is aimed at all practitioners in the dance section. 

The morning session aims to awaken the sensorially and the neurological system of our body, to animate and better perceive the connections between body and mind. The session is not defined as a technical class known as dance, but its function is to focus on the awakening of sensations.

The workshop is a collaboration between Dansalliansen and Danscentrum Syd.

Philippe Blanchard has created both independent and commissioned performances at the forefront of Swedish contemporary dance and the European dance companies for nearly twenty years. After creating works such as "Airbag", "Noodles", "Quiproquo", "One's company, two’s a crowd” or "How about you?", which toured in more than 14 countries, Philippe decided to relocated himself in U.K where he has created two works since 2013 " This is that" and " There are no such thing such as silly things". His works can be categorised as provocative, intense and political. Collaborating with skilled performers and untrained performers depending on the nature of the project, Philippe is often invited to university, dance organizations for lectures, classes and workshops in Sweden, U.K, France and is engaged in various environmental and educational causes.



Ledare Philippe Blanchard
Startdatum 2021-05-17
Slutdatum 2021-05-21
Tider Daglig träning 09.30-11.00
Workshop 11.15-16.00 inkl. pauser
Antal dagar 5 dagar
Sista ansökningsdag 2021-05-11
Plats Danscentrum Syd
Adress Bergsgatan 29