12 - 14 juni 2024

Sarah Baltzinger and Isaiah Wilson, co-creators and performers of the duet MEGASTRUCTURE, have developed a movement language around the puppeteering and mechanical body. Their work navigates between physical theater and “distorted bodies”.

In their work with performers, the two artists are constantly on the lookout for choreographic tools that reveal the singularities of each individual. For this workshop, Sarah and Isaiah will pass on various tools that enables the participants to approach dance through improvisation methods, contact work and research into different bodily states. Their choreographic research revolves around a play on consequences, working on chain reactions, with one movement leading to another, placing the body in different "situations" that will lead the performer to deploy its own creativity and search for solutions inherent to each body. Through improvisations, participants will explore notions of weight, resistance, rebound, release, suspension, driving points, isolation, and a seesaw between a global body and a dissociated body. Sarah and Isaiah seek to offer the possibility of traveling through different states in the body, of understanding one's own rhythmicity and creating ruptures and instantaneous changes of states, of embodying different characters and offering performers keys to instant composition

Photo; Ton VAN TIL

Isaiah Wilson is an experimental artist based in Luxembourg. His work combines contemporary dance, video, electronic music and computational art. This medium diversity allows Isaiah to create unique and immersive worlds in which he invites his audience into layered sensorial experiences designed to reveal their vulnerability and eventually bring them closer to themselves. Isaiah makes a point to have the audience being part of the space and as a result, part of the performance, be it through the nature of the sites he chooses or by remaining their very framework. Isaiah creates art pieces that challenge the human body, plunging it into worlds build from chaos and hope. With an existentialist reading, Isaiah aims to explore the many facet of human emotions by showing them through an absurd lens, juxtaposed with the ever-changing technological advancements of the 21st century.

Sarah Baltzinger enjoys exploring all possibilities around the puppeteering body. Her work is made up of cobbled-together bodies, everyday objects diverted from their primary function, and dance that rubs shoulders with other disciplines, between absurd theatricality and intense physicality. She populates her various works with hybrid creatures and mechanical puppets to create liberating works that reveal human’s fragilities. She uses the body, in connection with different materials, as a complex tool of possibilities aimed at transforming the natural approach to movement to create strange worlds. In her research, she creates situations of exploration between a body and an object, with the body of the other, and through the different constraints and issues at play in each person's individual physicality. 

A workshop which was made possible in cooperation with SkånesDansteater.


Ledare Sarah Baltzinger and Isaiah Wilson
Startdatum 2024-06-12
Slutdatum 2024-06-14
Tider 10.00-16.00 (onsdag-fredag)
Antal dagar 3 dagar
Sista ansökningsdag 2024-05-30
Plats SkånesDansteater
Adress Östra Varvsgatan 13A