31 mars 2023

Vandekeybus has created a language of movement wherein he juxtaposes intuition, impulse and instinct with energy, risk and danger, which exemplifies a dramatic Weltanschauung, full of dynamics and conflict, through the medium of dance.

Led by  Maria Kolgova from Ultima Vez company, this workshop will be for participants to learn about Wim Vandekeybus distinctive movement style and explore his fundamental movement principles, as well as learning repertoire and imagery from his work before finishing with a short Q&A. 

A central focus in  Vandekeybus work is the irreconcilable conflict between body and mind, feeling and intellect, man and woman, nature and culture, man and animal, group and individual, illusion and reality. Vandekeybus’ work is characterised by almost obsessive reiterations of one single concern: how man responds to extreme situations. In this context, he attaches special importance to what he refers to as ‘the moment of catastrophe’ - which ironically does not preclude his inclusion of humour, playfulness and even a certain jocular lightheartedness in his work.
The workshop is made possible in collaboration between Dansalliansen, Dansens hus and Danscentrum Stockholm.

“Dancing for me is being guided by a strong inner intuition rather than by technique. Movements are to communicate, with yourself as an honest expression and with others to communicate. Movement is like talking, singing, laughing…. As long as it tells something that has to be told as an urge, like an impulse, unstoppable. Therefore, dancing is close to theater. A carrier of inner states which are shared to tell stories.” - Wim Vandekeybus


Ledare Maria Kolegova
Startdatum 2023-03-31
Slutdatum 2023-03-31
Tider 13.00-15.00 (fredag)
Antal dagar 1 dagar
Sista ansökningsdag 2023-03-19
Plats Teatersalen ABF-huset
Adress Sveavägen 41