9 - 20 september 2019

The workshop unfolds within the context of the eponymous work, designed as an intensive Master Class. By examining and working on certain techniques of applying adhesive tape to the floor and walls, immerse participants in deep somatic work

Fluid Grounds, provides an opportunity for transdisciplinary choreographic exploration. It trains participants to map the presence of the people and elements that visit their practices. The adhesive drawings come alive, constitute a visible memory of the relational history, and allow for a choreographic, plastic and visual awareness of interrelational ties. What results is a task of spatialization and mobility across the space, in addition to deep consideration of the object in an evolving environment. 

A voice work component supports the exploration of sensory and sonic relationships between bodies, and allows for research on the repercussions of actions in and around us. 

Like an inverted anthropological study, this workshop creates a ritualized scene articulated through sculptural accumulation. Here, Benoît Lachambre draws on the process of fascination. The participant's imagination is invited to deepen and sharpen the senses through an awareness to gesture in a specific context: a living space. 


Workshopen är ett samarbete mellan Dansalliansen, ccap, Wanås och Frederic Gies och sträcker sig över åtta dagar  9-11 och 16-20/9.


Benoît Lachambre dancer, improviser, teacher and artistic director of his own company Par B.L.eux founded in 1996. Benoît has been a part of the international dance community for the past thirty years. He began his career in jazz and modern dance and have since then devoted himself to an exploratory approach of movement and its sources and to seeking authenticity of motion. In his works, Benoît explores the dynamics of communication and perception, and elements of the visual and performance arts are inseparable from dance. Par B.L.eux is devoted to contemporary and interdisciplinary choreographic creation




Ledare Benoît Lachambre
Startdatum 2019-09-09
Slutdatum 2019-09-20
Tider 10.00-18.00
(9-11 o 16-20/9)
Antal dagar 8 dagar
Sista ansökningsdag 2019-08-25
Plats Hallen Farsta (Hus O)
Adress Mårbackagatan 11