EMBODIED MOVEMENT - Daily training for dancers and actors

För dansare och skådespelare

5 - 7 oktober 2022

Introduction to Dailey training for dancers and actors in collaboration with Teateralliansen and Danscentrum Syd, 5th and 7th October.

Embodied movement is about exploring, sensing and listening. An embodied and explorative improvisation based practise, bringing in elements from yoga, authentic movement, Breathwork and the felt experience of being a human body. 

In this series of morning practise you are invited to journey into the rhythm of your own body. Allow yourself to explore and play and allow the practice to become a call to come home to yourself.

Breathing is of great importance for our ability to feel our body and our inner emotional life. It is the gateway to our emotions and the connection between body and mind that connects the conscious and the unconscious in us.

Movement nourishes our entire system, our muscles and our skeleton. Movement nourishes our emotions and helps what is stagnant to move. Movement creates life, flow and joy. From our feet, to our organs, to our nervous system, to the soul and to the brain and all the way back.

“Our bodies are amazing, and I believe in healing and health through movement, stillness, laughter, curiosity and love. Resources that are within all of us. ”
Kirstine Ilum

About Kirstine and why she work with embodiment 
Dancing, movement and meditation have always been a big part of my life. For more than 15 years, with the whole of Europe as my workplace, I have worked as a professional dancer, project manager, choreographer and educator.

Since my body has always been my primary work tool, and that I as a dance artist have often been drawn to more extreme physical expressions. I started practicing Yoga in the late 90’s. I quickly developed a loving and profound relationship with Yoga, meditation and Breathwork. 

In 2015 I went through a major burnout.  I ended up in an emotional limbo, somewhere where I no longer recognized myself. I was no longer true to myself and I ignored both my body's physical and mental warning signals. I lost my passion, my creative urge, my sense of humor. I was depressed. There was a turmoil of thoughts spinning SO fast that I could not hold on to any of them, nor could I just let them pass. 

For me, movement (Yoga included), Breathwork, meditation, Body therapy and lots of support and love from family became my way back. However, it was not the way back to my previous, max-performing self. Today I feel that I have found a balanced self that takes into account and prioritizes my body and my soul. Life is supposed to be felt and today I can allow my feelings to flow much better. 

Today I have my own clinic and studio in Malmö -
Balance Room where I work with Body therapy and embodiment (thought various disciplines)  In addition to this - I am also part of the teaching team at TOTUM - The School of Body Therapy in Copenhagen and Malmö


Ledare Kirstine Ilum
Startdatum 2022-10-05
Slutdatum 2022-10-07
Tider 08.30-09.30 (onsdag och fredag)
Antal dagar 2 dagar
Sista ansökningsdag 2022-10-04
Plats Danscentrum Syd
Adress Bergsgatan 29