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Dansalliansen provides freelance dancers with basic employment and offers competence development, matching and collaborations with other actors in the field. Dansalliansen is a state funded organization owned by Danscentrum, Swedish Performing Arts Association, The Swedish Union for Performing Arts and Film and TRS.
 Employment of dancers
The duty of Dansalliansen is to hire and care for a large number of freelance dancers. It’s a basic, conditional employment form which gives the dancers social and economic security. As an employee, the dancer continues to work as a freelance dancer with time-limited engagements, taking a leave of absence during the engagement and returning to the employment at Dansalliansen when the engagement ends. Young dancers are offered one-year employment in accordance with special criteria.
 Competence development and matching
Dansalliansen organizes activities such as workshops, master classes and seminars, but also auditions and other forms of meetings between dancers and employers. The purpose is to strengthen the dancers’ competence and broaden the network to increase job opportunities. Operating nationally, Dansalliansen arranges activities in different parts of the country. Dansalliansen collaborates with a large number of institutions and organizations for the implementation of these activities. Most activities are open to dancers who are not employed.
 Career development/career transition
Another responsibility is to support dancers’ career development or career transition. This is done in part by arranging recurring seminars and workshops. Dansalliansen also cooperates with Trygghetsrådet TRS (The Job Transition Foundation – TRS) and SOK (The Swedish Performing Arts Career Transition Foundation) establishing special forms of support for freelance dancers’ career transitions.
 Background / History
In 2003, the Swedish Arts Council was commissioned by the Government to develop an action program for professional dance in Sweden. In March 2005, a proposal for a program was presented where a future dance alliance (Dansalliansen) was included as a priority measure to strengthen the opportunities for freelance dancers. Dansalliansen started in 2006 with 12 dancers and already one year later another 17 dancers were employed. The organization has gradually expanded and in 2021 the number of employed dancers was 80, of which 8 were young dancers employed in accordance with special criteria. Dansalliansen aims to employ some 100 dancers and continue to develop. Presentation of Dancers

Postal Address:
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SE – 131 36 NACKA

How to get here

Dansalliansen's office and DA studio are located in Finntorp in Nacka. Bus 405, 409, 410, 411, 413, 414, 420, 422, 492 from Slussen. Disembark station Finntorp with a 6 minute walk to Ryssviksvägen 2. 
The premises are owned by Stendörren

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