Dansalliansen (Dance Alliance) was established on October 1, 2006 as an employer of freelance dancers in Sweden. The alliance is jointly owned by Teaterförbundet (Swedish Union for Theatre, Artists and Media), Svensk Scenkonst (Swedish Performing Arts Association), DansCentrum (Dance Center) and Trygghetsrådet TRS (The Employment Security Council – TRS). Funded by governmental grants, Dansalliansen was modelled after the Swedish TeaterAlliansen (Theater Alliance).

The establishment of a dance alliance is a labour-market and cultural policy reform that provides freelance dancers active in the publicly funded dance sector with social insurance and financial security as employees of the alliance. Employment at the alliance provides a balance between permanent employment and fixed-term employment. Dansalliansen’s mission is to strengthen the freelance dancer’s position, thereby strengthening the independent dance sector.

Dansalliansen’s main tasks are to:

  • offer basic social insurance and financial security to a large number of freelance dancers,
  • provide artist-promotion services and foster work opportunities,
  • manage competence development,
  • provide career path support and advice, and
  • function as a general support for development in the independent dance sector.

Dancers employed by Dansalliansen continue to work as freelance dancers. During periods of employment at other employers dancers take a leave of absence from Dansalliansen and at the end of the employment period they are reinstated as employees of the alliance.

Dansalliansen does not carry out any production work nor does it function as an employment agency. The alliance provides artist-promotion services and competence development for dancers under its employ. Furthermore, Dansalliansen arranges workshops, master classes, seminars, etc. Several of these endeavours are also open to freelance dancers who are not employed by the alliance.

Since the start in 2006, eight rounds of employment have been carried out and by the end of 2020 a total of 69 dancers were employed by the alliance. Dansalliansen’s long-term ambition is to incorporate a large proportion of Sweden’s freelance dancers.